Galactic Starfish is a small game development studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the United States. We are a distributed team with key personnel in England, Hungary, and the US.

Meet the Team

Gabor Gombor, Programmer



Gabor has worked professionally as a game programmer for a few years. On Strategeist, Gabor has been an invaluable engine coder. Among other contributions, he built our toolchain, and much of the core structure we rely upon as well as doing some of the less glorious but still crucial administrative and setup work behind the scenes.

In his personal life, Gabor has two daughters and has many hobbies including mountain biking, synthesizing music, scuba diving, geocaching, watching movies, and reading books.

Jorge Martins, Programmer



Jorge has worked in web, mobile, and general software development.

He is now responsible for the graphical quality of Strategeist, dealing with the technical integration of the UI as well as the arcane arts of shaders. We rely on him for the visual presentation of the game.

Born in Portugal, he has recently moved to the United Kingdom to experience new cultures. He loves traveling and reading books.

Ana Vilar, 2D & Concept Artist



Ana received her bachelor's degree in graphic arts production and design. Since then, she has worked as an illustration freelancer before joining the team.

On Strategeist, she has been responsible for setting the artistic tone of the game with concept art and helping to bring the game to life with her technical artwork on the 2D art interfaces. Additionally, she has lent her skill in graphic design to the creation of this website.

She is Portuguese and currently lives in the United Kingdom where she enjoys drawing, playing video games, and watching anime. You can see her personal work in her portfolio.

Markus Koleszar, Map Creation



Markus is a shameless perfectionist and chronic student. Not having suffered enough having completed a BSc and MSc in computer science, he moved to Reykjavik to persue an MSc in Geology. Meanwhile, he has been honing his mapmaking skills producing the cartographic information for Strategeist. He is also the burned-out mastermind behind EU3's Whole World mod, EU4's Realistic Map Generator, and Civ V's Tectonic map script.

Markus loves playing soccer, squash, volleyball, and many other things involving spherical objects. Of course, he also enjoys playing strategy games that have maps in them. Other hobbies include reading, cooking, hiking, photography, and avoiding social situations.

Alex Lundquist, Designer



Alex has played a wide variety of games over the years, from the very first Spyro to the Elder Scrolls series to Castlevania and many more. By far the genre he has logged the most hours in, though, is strategy, and he was very excited to join our team in working on Strategeist.

Alex currently handles setup and gameplay related tasks, such as research, spec writing, and feedback on game mechanics.

Before joining the team, Alex obtained a bachelor�s degree in physics (he�s admittedly pretty rusty now) and was breaking into the game industry working as a marketing freelancer for a few small indie studios. In his free time he enjoys videogaming, taking walks downtown, and playing Magic the Gathering.

Anuraag Pakanati, CEO



Anu has worked in software development for many years.

He enjoys gaming, reading, weightlifting, and playing the trombone.

Sean Beeson, Composer

Sean is an extremely talented composer who runs his own studio. You can listen to some of his amazing music at his soundcloud.

Ajay Choudhary, 3D Modeler

Ajay works in the movie industry creating 3D models and has created professional quality models for us as well in game.